under a rainbow

under a rainbow
first run of FEC715 in Hertwig colors 9-10-2013

FEC101 Sep 30, 2013

ECH and Jim on 103 and 720, 713 with all IM AND Azalea and St Augustine shining in the afternoon sun.
EoT past MP216 at 5:26PM.

FEC101 Sep 30, 2013 vid link:

ECH and Jim by mp214 @5:18 w/103, 2 Hertwigs(720 & 713), lots of UPS, one Italia, 4 FEC blue containers and of course the 2 business cars bringing up the rear.  Saw no Ashley but I did get a S & H!!!!!!!
Waving my white towel over my head with the reacher so I know they can see me.  Thanks ECH and Jim for making my day!!
Anita caboose

FEC101 Sep 29, 2013

Tony spotting me in the dusk at a new train-watching spot on top of the coastal ridge and on the curve toward the approach to the Roseland Trestle. Night falling fast as this one clears us after a slow order above us.
716, 708, 709 with all IM. Anita says Ashley is riding the head end.
EoT past MP214 at 7:29PM.

FEC101 Sep 29, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Sep 28, 2013

Gave him a light and Ray with a wave back. Paired again 100 and 140 with IM. Long train, had both crossings blocked waiting for the meet at Micco. Now struggling to gain speed.
Lil Bird was right - Ashley is riding the rear block.
EoT past MP216 at 7:16PM.

FEC101 Sep 28, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Sep 28, 2013

Mark with a wave on 102 and 709. Rock job on the head end, no IM, plenty of freight cars and a few racks on the bottom block.
FEC101 is already waiting at Micco.
EoT past MP216 at 6:49PM.

FEC202 Sep 28, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Sep 27, 2013

Mark rolling-by at Micco. 101, 142, 427LHF all online with IM. Ashley riding the last block three in from the rear end.
EoT past MP216 at 6:45PM.

FEC101 Sep 27, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Sep 27, 2013

Ray up there on 100 and 140 with IM and empties, racks but no rock, no freight.
EoT past MP216 at 6:22PM.

FEC202 Sep 27, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Sep 26, 2013

Jim and ECH jumping and waving to Anita from 708 and 413 with the afternoon train. Third and fourth blocks are reversed on this one, strange to see the racks on the rear end.
EoT past MP214 at 6:24PM.

FEC202 Sep 26, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Sep 26, 2013

Tony heading for the meet with FEC202 at Gifford. 102, 709, 426LHF with all IM.
EoT past MP216 at 5:48PM.

FEC101 Sep 26, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Sep 25, 2013

ECH and Jim waving from 103, 719, 708 with all IM. Long train.
Catch those paired yellows while you can.
EoT past MP216 at 6:38PM.

FEC101 Sep 25, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Sep 25, 2013

Sounds like Allen up there with Tony on 100 and 140. Three blocks, no freight cars heading to the meet with FEC101 at Micco.
EoT past MP216 at 6:10PM.

FEC202 Sep 25, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Sep 24, 2013

Can hear Sylvester and Eric on the roll-by at Micco checking them out.
Tony on105 and 714, 415 with all IM. No Ashley on this one, Pete.
EoT past MP216 at 6:05PM.

FEC101 Sep 24, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Sep 24, 2013

ECH and Eric heading into the meet with FEC101 at Micco on 142 and 709. Four blocks but
one straggling rack on the rear end.
EoT past MP216 at 5:32PM.

FEC202 Sep 24, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Sep 23, 2013

Dark and rainy as 105 and 713 with the FOrt Pierce pick-up ahead of a bunch of empty IM run hard through the junction. Way too dark for vid tonight, but I gave them a light.
EoT past MP216 at 7:42.

FEC101 Sep 23, 2013

Good to be back at the junction after the fabulous FECRS 2013 Convention in TICO. Jim and
the ECH think so, too!
104, 426 and 419 with a few racks ahead of the IM.
EoT past MP216 at 5:36PM.

FEC101 Sep 23, 2013 vid link:

FECRS 2013 Convention

FECRS 2013 Convention is happening right now in Cocoa. These are RAW vid clips.

vid 618 part 1 (01:58) vid link:
vid 619 part 2 (01:45) vid link:
vid 620 part 3 (01:55) vid link:
vid 621 part 4 (00:26) vid link:
vid 622 part 5 (00:33) vid link:
vid 623 part 6 (00:59) vid link:
vid 624 part 7 (00:57) vid link:
vid 628 part 8 (00:34) vid link:
vid 629 part 9 (00:14) vid link:
vid 630 part 10 (00:14) vid link:
vid 631 part 11 (00:35) vid link:
vid 632 part 12 (00:57) vid link:
vid 633 part 13 (00:29) vid link:
vid 634 part 14 (01:09) vid link:
vid 635 part 15 (01:49) vid link:
vid 636 part 16 (02:12) vid link:
vid 637 part 17 (01:01) vid link:
vid 638 part 18 (00:17) vid link:
vid 639 part 19 (03:15) vid link:
vid 640 part 20 (02:29) vid link:
vid 641 part 21 (01:42) vid link:
vid 642 part 22 (02:45) vid link:
vid 643 part 23 (01:16) vid link:
vid 644 part 24 (00:28) vid link:
vid 645 part 25 (00:32) vid link:
vid 646 part 26 (00:37) vid link:
vid 647 part 27 (01:31) vid link:
vid 648 part 28 (00:04) vid link:
vid 649 part 29 (01:19) vid link:
vid 650 part 30 (00:29) vid link:
vid 651 part 31 (01:07) vid link:
vid 652 part 32 (00:41) vid link:
vid 653 part 33 (00:52) vid link:
vid 654 part 34 (01:52) vid link:
vid 655 part 35 (01:00) vid link:
vid 656 part 36 (02:37) vid link:

FEC101 Sep 17, 2013

They are having a tough time getting the hot train through the middle division tonight.
715, 720, 708LHF all online with 5 racks ahead of the IM in a light drizzle.
EoT past MP216 at 6:14PM.

FEC101 Sep 17, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Sep 16, 2013

ECH and Jim on 100 and 710 with all IM. Ashley on the rear end.
Meeting FEC202 at FOrt Pierce as they pick up.
EoT past MP216 at 6:42PM.

FEC101 Sep 16, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Sep 15, 2013

Thunderstorm rolling across the junction ahead of the hot train tonight but I will give them
a light at least. Too dark for any vid, though.
714 and 704, 414 leading IM. Long block of empties in the middle. And one Ashley riding in a
well toward the bottom.
EoT past MP216 at 7:51PM.

FEC101 Sep 14, 2013

Ray coming back on 100 and 102 with all IM. Long train, 14K feet.
EoT past MP216 at 6:45PM.

FEC101 Sep 14, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Sep 14, 2013

Mike and Mark up there on 101, 142, 710LHF, all on line, with lots of rock, no IM. Siding at Micco for FEC101.
EoT past MP216 at 6:12PM.

FEC202 Sep 14, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Sep 13, 2013

714 and 704, 708 coming out of the hole at Micco and to the junction. Mark waving white.
EoT past MP216 at 6:46PM.

FEC101 Sep 13, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Sep 13, 2013

Ray up there heading for the meet with FEC101 at Micco.
107 and 719 with three blocks, no rock. A five-oh train with all the 'junk' on it, they said.
But Ray, I love those freight cars.
EoT past MP216 at 6:26PM.

FEC202 Sep 13, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Sep 12, 2013

FEC101 is across the Roseland Trestle with 104 and 713, 419 leading IM. NO Defects.
EoT past MP212.8 at 6:02PM.

FEC101 Sep 12, 2013 vid link:

Work train 720 Sep 12, 2013

The geometry train is led by 720. Smile and a wave from Godfrey in the obs window.
EoT past MP216 at 11:34am.

Work train 720 Sep 12, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Sep 11, 2013

ECH and Jim on 704 and 714, 422LHF with a few racks and then IM. Ashley riding the rear end.
EoT past MP216 at 6:06PM.

FEC101 Sep 11, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Sep 11, 2013

Sylvester and Tony up there taking orders for the meet with FEC101 at Micco.
100 and 102 with a fine looking train. Tankers on the rear end.
EoT past MP216 at 5:44PM.

FEC202 Sep 11, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Sep 10, 2013

Tony laughing at my umbrella in this light shower as the south crew is heading home with three 700s and the first two of them are Hertwigs!
720 leading the first ever time out 715, and 717 with racks ahead of the IM. Plenty of smoke tonight from this power.
EoT past MP216 at 6:17PM.

FEC101 Sep 10, 2013 vid link:

Eau Gallie train show 9-7-2013

Kids and trains at the Eau Gallie train show Saturday Sept 7.

Eau Gallie train show 9-7-2013 vid link:

FEC101 Sep 6, 2013

102 and 708, 428 with racks and IM.
EoT past MP215 at 7:01PM.

FEC101 Sep 6, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Sep 6, 2013

Ray on 106 and 103 with the afternoon train. Not much rock on the head end. Short train dragging to Palm Bay for the meet with FEC101.
EoT past MP216 at 5:58PM.

FEC202 Sep 6, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Sep 5, 2013

Tony heading home on 104 and 719, 716LHF with all IM.
EoT past MP216 at 5:47PM.

FEC101 Sep 5, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Sep 5, 2013

ECH and Jim heading toward the meet with FEC101 at Micco and then weekend. 102 and 708
with four blocks.
EoT past MP216 at 5:09PM.

FEC202 Sep 5, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Sep 4, 2013

ECH and Jim on paired105 and 140 with the hot train.
EoT past MP216 at 5:42PM.

FEC101 Sep 4, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Sep 4, 2013

Tony and Sylvestor on 106 and 716 with rock, IM and racks heading into the siding at Micco.
EoT past MP216 at 5:08PM.

FEC202 Sep 4, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Sep 3, 2013

Plenty of chatter as they roll the trains by at Micco.
Tony with a wave from 104 and 719, 713 leading all IM with a flag and a box both in the rear knuckle.
EoT past MP216 at 5:59PM.

FEC101 Sep 3, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Sep 3, 2013

Big smile on ECH and Jim after the pick-up at FOrt Pierce. 105 and 140 with covered hoppers and plenty of WalMarts. No rock, no freight cars.
They are heading for the meet with FEC101 at Micco.
EoT past MP216 at 5:35PM.

FEC202 Sep 3, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Sep 2, 2013

Tony and Sylvestor are laughing at me sitting under cover during a little drizzle.
104 and 719 sending the empty IM and racks out of the south end on a holiday schedule.
EoT past MP216 at 6:40PM.

FEC202 Sep 2, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Sep 2, 2013

ECH and Jim on a holiday schedule with 105 and 140, 413 leading two miles of IM.
EoT past MP216 at 5:28PM.

FEC101 Sep 2, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Sep 1, 2013

The swap is complete with plenty of radio chatter and now the south crew is heading home on FEC101.
716 and 717, 422LHF with racks ahead of the IM. Long train, great lash-up.
EoT past MP216 at 7:19PM.

FEC101 Sep 1, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Sep 1, 2013

The south crew of Tony and Sylvester is rolling FEC202 towards the meet with ECH and Jim
at Micco. They will be back on FEC101 shortly.
Paired 102 and 142 with a holiday weekend train. No rock on this one, but plenty of empties.
EoT past MP216 at 6:39PM.

FEC202 Sep 1, 2013 vid link: